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Xarelto Lawsuits - What You Need to Know

You must understand that this information is not legal advice and may not be 100% accurate or verified. But Xarelto, a blood thinner, might cause a problem called uncontrollable bleeding. There isn’t any kind of antidote for this dangerous side effect. This problem has been linked with deaths as well. Bayer had to face tons of lawsuits from plaintiffs who claim they had serious medical problems caused by Xarelto in their lives.

They said that Bayer made a faulty drug and didn’t warn the victims of Xarelto about the potential side effects of the item. A lawyer can also get you the free compensation the compensation that you might be entitled to in your Xarelto lawsuit. To learn more about the lawsutis and see if you qualify please contact some xarelto lawyers.

If you have developed bleeding complications that Xarelto caused in your body, get in touch with a lawyer right away. Johnson & Johnson and Bayer were accused of negligence by many plaintiffs. Xarelto is manufactured by Bayer, but Johnson & Johnson is in charge of the distribution worldwide. The plaintiffs said that these firms didn’t put safety before profits, and uncontrollable bleeding was the problems that many users of this product had to endure. A lot of people are facing problems due to Xarelto`s side effects including lost wages, ongoing care, and emergency visits.

The FDA said that Xarelto is effective and safe. This has occurred despite intense accusations from plaintiffs that the drug is not safe. The clinical trials used a faulty device for Xarelto, but the FDA said that the drug is effective and safe despite this situation. Plaintiffs also said that the INRatio was faulty, and they were questioning the results of the Xarelto trial. Johnson & Johnson knew about the faulty device, but the corporate giant failed to disclose safety measure against the malfunction of INRatio. This was a potential danger for the participants of the trial as well.

But the FDA said that this faulty device didn’t have to do with the outcome of the trial. The federal agency said that the effects of this device were minimal on bleeding or strokes as well. Remember that a lawyer can help you with your Xarelto lawsuit.

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